About Soul Management Services

Soul Management Services is a registered private company under the company laws of India and was established in Bengaluru in the year 2013. Soul Management Services is dedicated to promoting Meditation and Spiritual Science to the main stream public through the following means:

  • Establishment of exclusive Spiritual stores in major cities and towns of India to make various spiritual products available to the urban youth and spiritual seekers
  • To publish and distribute spiritual literature by ways books and CDs from Brahmarshi Patriji, Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, and several other Pyramid Masters
  • To publish Indian editions of spiritual books of various western spiritual masters
  • To translate and publish several English books of world spiritual masters into local and regional languages of India and world at large

All the profits that is gained through Soul Management Services will be used to promote Spiritual Science, Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Energy in close association with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement and other like minded spiritual organizations.

Soul Trends is formed to introduce spiritual elements into the lives of Youth, Children & Adults, to accelerate spiritual development of seekers and to promote a healthy, happy and a loving lifestyle for everyone. 

Soul Tree Publishing is formed to publish spiritual literature of all Spiritual Science Masters.